Smoking Or Non-Smoking? Where Is Your Eternal Rest?

Daily Devotionals - Smoking Or Non-Smoking Where Is Your Eternal Rest

Three means by which God assures us that we do have eternal life: 1. The promises of His Word, 2. The witness of the Spirit in our hearts, 3. The transforming work of the Spirit in our lives. – Jerry Bridges. Hey, it is summer already, in case you have not noticed. Some people planning […]

God Is Good – His Mercy Endures Forever

Daily Devotional - God Is Good - His Mercy Endures Forever

Mercy is not something God has, but something God is. – A.W. Tozer. I think that every good Christian knows the song written by Richard Smallwood “His mercy endures forever”. The inspiration for the lyrics of this song, Richard got from Psalm 118:1 (or perhaps Psalm 106:1). But have you ever given deep thought to […]

Lenten Season: Resurrection Sunday – He Has Risen!

Weekly Insight - Lenten Season Resurrection Sunday - He Is Risen - Mark 16

That Sunday morning changed the lives not just of three women but the whole world – the Resurrection Sunday to be remembered and celebrated for centuries to come. Early in the morning, two angels announced that no one was ready to believe in: He has risen; He is not here, said the young man that […]

Lenten Season: Crucifixion – The Way Of The King

Weekly Insight - Lenten Season Crucifixion - The Way Of The King - Mark 15

The crucifixion is the most central, fundamental, and at the same time controversial event in the Bible. Moreover, the crucifixion is the most prominent event that could ever happen in the entire history of mankind. Also, the crucifixion is the biggest stumbling block for many unbelievers, along with believers of different denominations and religions. Finally, […]

Lenten Season: The Rejection And Betrayal – Mark 14

Weekly Insight - Lenten Season The Rejection And Betrayal - Mark 14

Rejection and betrayal are probably some of the biggest fears of every person. The great majority, if not all, strive to prove their importance, to earn recognition and fame. Moreover, in some cases, people willing to lose their humanity in exchange for prestige and influence. And all these are the result of fallen human nature […]

The Lenten Season Series: Into

Weekly Insight - The Lenten Season Series Into

Lenten season is one of the oldest observations in Christian life. In Catholicism, they call it Ash Wednesday. Usually, Lent is a period of 40 days preceding the day of the celebration of Easter. However, the early Church observed the Lenten season for two to three days. So, Lent is a season of reflection and […]

Fasting According To Jesus – Matthew 6:16-18

Bible Study - Fasting According to Jesus - Matthew 6_16_18

In today’s Bible Study, we continue The Sermon on the Mount, and we are going to study the passage from Matthew 6:16-18 – Fasting According To Jesus. This passage is the third illustration given by our Lord of how we should conduct ourselves in this matter of personal righteousness. Thus, following the pattern that the Lord Jesus has set […]

God’s Guidance And Providence For His Chosen People

Weekly Insight - God's Guidance And Providence For His Chosen People

God’s guidance despite the rebellion of the children of Israel; God’s providence despite the disobedience of His chosen people. And this is the “farewell speech” of Moses, reviewing the history of the nation. Thus, Moses recounts God’s guidance and Israel’s rebellion and defeat when they were about to enter Canaan for the first time 12. […]

Divinely Chosen Mediator and The High Priest – Christ

Weekly Insight - Divinely Chosen Mediator and The High Priest - Christ

The term “mediator” occurs frequently in the Bible, though more often in the New Testament than in the Old Testament. The idea of the mediator permeates Scripture with human mediation being common in the OT, while the mediation of Christ is one of the key themes of the new covenant 13. Thus, priests and prophets […]

The Lord’s Prayer – Matthew 6:9-13 – Part 2

Bible Study - The Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6_9_13 - Part 2

Besides the Lord’s Prayer, there are hundreds of examples of prayer in the Bible. There are many people from different periods of Biblical history, in different circumstances, who prayed different prayers with different results. There are even examples of people who prayed to false gods. The first prayer recorded in the Bible occurred in Genesis […]

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