Prayer Request: Anonymous

prayer male

Our heavenly Father, we pray for our dear sister in Christ and her family who has been struggling since 2019. Grant them Your loving guidance O Father. May You provide her an opportunity to be able to get back to school. Give her a seeking heart to seek Your will for her and her family. […]

Prayer for Madhusudhan

prayer male

God our Father, you have commanded us to give honor to our fathers and mothers. We implore Your blessings of good health to Srinivas Rao and Ludiyamma, parents of Madhusudhan Rao. We also pray that You will guide him to a job You have planned for him in order to be of help to his […]

Prayer for Anima

prayer female

Heavenly God, You have said that when we seek You with all of our hearts we will find You. We pray for Anima to find You and have a personal relationship with You. Inspire her, through the Holy Spirit, to seek You with all of her heart. May You grant her understanding to know You […]

Prayer for Anitha

prayer female

O Jesus, You are the ultimate sign of the Father’s love for us. Teach us Your ways Lord. We pray for Anitha Rithi and Harshan Raj, that You will heal the conflicts between them. Let hatred for one another no longer live in their hearts but rather Your peace and love.  If it is Your […]

Prayer for Justin

prayer male

Almighty Father, who art in heaven. We pray for Justin and his family. Grant them good health and with your loving guidance. May You direct and intercede for him in his desire for a higher education abroad. We pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayer for Sede

prayer group

Lord, we pray for Sede’s family and other people to be safe from this corona virus that is causing fear in the hearts of many. May we be reminded that You, our God, is greater than any illnesses, diseases of calamities. We surrender our lives to You, through the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Prayer for Saran

prayer male

Our Father, our good Provider. You grant us everything we have and needed even when we do not deserve it. We pray for an approval for a permit for one of our sisters in Christ. We trust You Lord, that if it is Your will that You will grant this to her. In Jesus’ name […]

Prayer for Serophin

prayer male

Heavenly Father,  You have given us righteousness through Jesus Christ and we are very thankful for it. Protect us, with Your Holy Spirit, from the attacks of the evil one. We pray for Serophin, that he will not be overwhelmed by the negativity brought about by the enemies. May the Holy Spirit guide him in […]

Prayer for Amanda

prayer female

Lord  Almighty, you are the giver of knowledge that is pure and true. We pray for Amanda that she will be able to pass her KSET Exam and that she will achieve the cut off score for assistant professorship. May you also direct her to a job that will be useful for her career but […]

Pray for Francoise’s Brother

prayer group

Please pray with me to ask God to restore my brother’s marriage. Please Lord touch his heart, chase away the devil who want to destroy his marriage. OPEN his heart and let him come back to his wife and 3 daughters. Bless his house with peace and love. In the name of Jesus, everything is […]

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