Fear Not Verse of the Day – Psalm 118:6 – To Trust

It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.

Fear Not To Trust

In this verse, the psalmist asks a simple yet tricky question. What can man do unto me? On an ordinary day you might think, no man can harm you. But looking now at Ukraine and reflecting on the different wars, from different countries, this question becomes relevant and concerning. From being shot, air raids, ballistic missiles and threats to nuclear attacks. These are deeds on how a man can do to another man.

Now, consider the first part of the verse, The Lord is on my side (ESV). The Lord is the reason why the psalmist did not fear what man can do. And this is echoed throughout the whole Bible, that we should trust in the LordGod is our refuge and strength (Psalm 46:1) and our strong fortress (psalm 18:2). God’s judgement on the evildoers may not be as prompt as we hoped it would be, but rest assured nothing escapes the justice of God.

Hence, let us not fear to trust in God through His Son, Jesus Christ, who saved us from eternal damnation. Let us repent from our sins, trust in His Word and follow Christ. Do not wait for the moment when it will be too late to call on His saving name.


Almighty Father, you are our protector and we trust in you. Grant your protection on the people of Ukraine and all vulnerable people who are threatened by evildoers. Oh, Holy Spirit, give us a heart of courage to be strong in difficult moments. Comfort the families of the people in Ukraine and give them hope in your Son Jesus Christ. Teach us, oh Lord, to trust in you. We pray these in your mighty name. Amen.

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