Valarie Martin asked for a prayer

Dear Christian prayer warrior,

Please please please pray for me that God would give me strength and my body in my heart and mine to go through what I’m going through the enemy seems to be attacking me by way of my heart allowing me to be depressed because of them trying to take advantage of me use me and those that stood by watched it and not even warned me of them doing so I’m asking God to please give me strength and to also fight my battles to let the enemy know that he is for me and that he’s more than the world that’s against me I want the enemy to realize that God is blessing me and finding favor on my behalf I ask that you will please lift me up before the Lord and I ask God’s will to be done in my life and in the life of my enemies I want God to fight my battles for me I don’t have the strength enough to fight back right now and of course it took a big blow out of me with the lies and then manipulation that was put on my plate but I asked God to please reverse that plate and allow my enemies to be my footstool I just want strength and forgot to please bless me with the desires of my heart and open up a window and pour me out a blessing but I wouldn’t have room enough to receive so that I can help the saints of God and do the work for the Lord please God I ask for your blessings upon my life that you may get the glory and I am thanking you prayer warriors sincerely from the bottom of my heart to please please please keep me in prayer don’t leave me out right now I need more strength and more prayer than ever before when you try to do so much to help people and they turn on you and use you because they know they could strengthen my heart and my mind so that I can be the woman of God he needs me to be in Jesus mighty name I pray again thank you thank you thank you for your prayers.


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