God Delivers The People Who Cry To Him

Daily Devotional - God Delivers The People Who Cry To Him

Sometimes the end God has in mind is to exercise our faith, so He brings us into straitened circumstances so that we might look up to Him and see His deliverance.  – Jerry Bridges. Can you recall a moment in your life when you were at the lowest point and feel desperate? How did you […]

Align Your Steps With The Steps Of Jesus Christ

Daily Devotional - Align Your Spets With The Steps Of Jesus Christ

When you align yourself with God’s purpose as described in the Scriptures, something happens to your life.  – Bono Guess I have shared it with you all on the previous devotions that I thought I was a good person, a good friend, daughter, sister, and niece. But I was far from being correct. My steps […]

How Far Are You Travelling Away From God?

Daily Devotional - How Far Are You Travelling Away From God

My home is in heaven. I’m just travelling through this world.  – Billy Graham Naomi’s family travelled away from the land of Canaan during a famine (Ruth 1:1-2). Famines were not a new occurrence at that time. Besides, Israelites were aware that famines are a judgement from God because of their sins (Leviticus 26:19-20). Matthew […]

Is Your Deafness Related To Being Stiff-Necked?

Daily Devotional - Is Your Deafness Related To Being Stiff-Necked

No theology is genuinely Christian, which does not arise from and focus on the cross.  – John Stott I had an opportunity to share the Gospel with a friend when I was an early Christian. At that time, she was undergoing problems in her life. She was touched by what I shared and was eager […]

How Did We Become Utterly Stubborn?

Daily Devotional - How Did We Become Utterly Stubborn

An arrogant and stubborn person is doing everything in his own way, does not listen to anyone’s advice and soon becomes a victim of his delusion. – Aesop I was called stubborn by my family when I was growing up. Hardheaded too. There was something in doing my own way that made me thought I […]

How To Understand The Mercies Of God?

Daily Devotional - How To Understand The Mercies Of God

Open thy gate of mercy, gracious God, my soul flies through these wounds to seek out thee. – William Shakespeare How often do we take for granted the wonders of God in our lives? I am guilty of doing this. I had a recent appointment with my doctor to review my latest lab works and diagnostic […]

Fulfilling The Role Of The Prophesied Suffering Servant

Weekly Insight - Fulfilling The Role Of The Prophesied Suffering Servant

Hello, my reading friend. We have survived yet another week graciously given by God through the power of the Holy Spirit. How was your week? How did God bless you? Please share it with us. I do not watch TV news (trusted sources only!) and recommend the same to you, – so it will save you many […]

God’s Word is the Foundation of What is TRUE

Weekly Insights - God's Word is the Foundation of What is TRUE

 When I was a young man, I thought the Bible was nothing more than fiction. Yet in my college I met some students who actually believed it true. To prove them wrong, I set out to show how the Bible was unreliable. I’m pleased to report my failure. I discovered that the Bible is fully […]

Proud or Humble

Proud or Humble

When God chooses someone to implement your ideas, will you respond with such humility?1 This is a tough situation that we all have faced at some point. Letting another person take credit for our work. What makes this hard is the pride we all have within us. Let us take a look on how David, […]

The Greatest Sacrifice

The Greatest Sacrifice

When was the last time you sacrificed something for someone? Last week’s insight, we talked about sin – Are We Sinning? – and what it is the real meaning of it. On this week’s discussion, we will tackle the payment for our sins and compare it to how sins were cleansed in the Old Testament. […]

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