Do You Seek Great Things For Yourself?

Daily Devotionals - Do You Seek Great Things For Yourself

When we put God first, all other things fall into their proper place or drop out of our lives.  – Ezra Taft Benson Do not know what to decide and where to go? I am with you on this situation. This world is a very tricky place to navigate. Especially when we try to navigate it […]

Anxiety Blinds You From What Is Important

Daily Devotional - Anxiety Blinds You From What Is Important

A Christian’s freedom from anxiety is not due to some guaranteed freedom from the trouble but to the folly of worry. Especially in the confidence that God is our Father, that even permitted suffering is within the orbit of His care.  – John Stott. The Holy Spirit has continuously helped me overcome my attitude of […]

Abundance In All Things In Our Lord, Jesus Christ

Daily Devotional - Abundance In All Things In Our Lord, Jesus Christ

The abundance in Jesus offers is a spiritual abundance that transcends circumstances, like income, health, living conditions, and even death. The abundant life is eternal.  – Charles Swindoll. One of my unforgettable moments when I started my career as a nurse was the first years of being employed. That was when I received my first […]

How Do We Accept God’s Will?

Daily Devotional - How Do We Accept God's Will

God’s will for us is to commit our lives to Christ and follow Him. God’s will also is that we avoid sin. – Billy Graham. Understanding and knowing God’s will is at times confusing. Especially when we do not ground ourselves with His words and teachings. My husband and I find ourselves more often than […]

Fasting According To Jesus – Matthew 6:16-18

Bible Study - Fasting According to Jesus - Matthew 6_16_18

In today’s Bible Study, we continue The Sermon on the Mount, and we are going to study the passage from Matthew 6:16-18 – Fasting According To Jesus. This passage is the third illustration given by our Lord of how we should conduct ourselves in this matter of personal righteousness. Thus, following the pattern that the Lord Jesus has set […]

Are You Hungry And Thirst For Your Daily Bread?

Daily Devotional - Are You Hungry And Thirst For Your Daily Bread

Jesus has made Himself the Bread of Life to give us life. Night and day, He is there.  – Mother Teresa of Calcutta. What is the one thing you cannot forget to do in the day aside from breathing? I bet it is eating and drinking, your daily bread. Additionally, we spend 1 hour and 45 […]

The Lord’s Prayer – Matthew 6:9-13 – Part 2

Bible Study - The Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6_9_13 - Part 2

Besides the Lord’s Prayer, there are hundreds of examples of prayer in the Bible. There are many people from different periods of Biblical history, in different circumstances, who prayed different prayers with different results. There are even examples of people who prayed to false gods. The first prayer recorded in the Bible occurred in Genesis […]

The Lord’s Prayer – Matthew 6:5-8 – Part 1

Bible Study - The Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6_5_8 - Part 1

In Matthew 6:5-8, the Lord gives the second admonishment to His disciples and, this time, regarding prayer. Earlier in the chapter, in Matthew 6:1, Jesus has already warned His followers to take heed not to do like those hypocrites when they do charitable deeds. In the previous Bible Study, we have learned that righteousness is the essence […]

Giving of Alms – Matthew 6:1-4

Bible Study - Giving of Alms - Matthew 6_1_4

In the previous chapter, the Lord Jesus stated that He came not to destroy but fulfill the Law (Matthew 5:17). And, in Matthew 19:7-8, when Pharisees asked Jesus, why did Moses then command, He answered to them and said that Moses commanded because of the hardness of your hearts … but from the beginning, it was not so. While […]

How To Know If We Are Spiritually Healthy?

Daily Devotional - How To Know If We Are Spiritually Healthy

Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul; man cannot live in health without them. Mahalia Jackson Do you experience a moment in your day when your energy is just drained out for no apparent reason? Thought of being tired and hopeless and just do not have the motivation to be engaged in anything? […]

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