Fear Not Verse of the Day – John 14:27 – Peace

Fear Not Verse of the Day - John 14_27 - Peace

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. Fear for Peace in the World Peace be with you. That was the greeting in my previous workplace. From answering the phone to opening […]

Forgiveness Of Sins Through Christ

Daily Devotional - Forgiveness Of Sins Through Christ

Because the Lord Jesus died on the Cross, I have received the forgiveness of sins.  – Watchman Nee On yesterday’s service, the pastor in our church asked everyone that came in to write about things that they are thankful for on the board in the lobby. There were a variety of items on the board […]

What Hinders You From Returning To God Through Christ?

Daily Devotional - What Hinders You From Returning To God Through Christ

To be converted to faith in Jesus Christ is to return to the worship of the true God, and to dethrone all rivals to His authority.  – Graham Kendrick. In 2017, 66% of the Christian youths have stopped attending church. Nick Blevins, in his blog, stated the reasons why these youths have left the church. And […]

Smoking Or Non-Smoking? Where Is Your Eternal Rest?

Daily Devotionals - Smoking Or Non-Smoking Where Is Your Eternal Rest

Three means by which God assures us that we do have eternal life: 1. The promises of His Word, 2. The witness of the Spirit in our hearts, 3. The transforming work of the Spirit in our lives. – Jerry Bridges. Hey, it is summer already, in case you have not noticed. Some people planning […]

God’s Forgiveness When One Repents

Daily Devotional - God's Forgiveness When One Repents

God’s forgiveness extends to the worst offenders and to anyone who wishes to receive it – not because of who we are, but because of who He is.  – Charles Swindoll. Todd Friel said, never forget, God is more interested in our holiness than He is in our happiness. The next time you feel the sting […]

Driving Out The Old Sinful You

Daily Devotional - Driving Out The Old Sinful You

The old self-sin must die, and the only instrument by which they can be slain is the Cross.  – A.W. Tozer. Often people think that Christians think highly of themselves. Little do they know that there is a constant internal battle within Christ-followers. The struggle between flesh and spirit. Likewise, the fight between the old […]

Repentance: Do Not Wait Until It Is Too Late

Daily Devotional - Repentance Do Not Wait Until It Is Too Late

When we repent, God can restore what our pride and hard heart have wrecked.  – Charles ‘Chuck’ Swindoll. Before, I thought the confession of sins to the priest was enough to save me from the wages of my evil deeds. Furthermore, I felt that if I do not follow the Sacrament of Reconciliation my sins […]

How Can You Establish And Perfect Your Faith?

Daily Devotional - How Can You Establish And Perfect Your Faith

Do you not realize that the love the Father bestowed on the perfect Christ, He now bestows on you?  – C.H. Spurgeon It is not a coincidence that the verse for today is about faith. Yesterday, I had a wonderful day spending time with a friend and her daughter. My friend shared with me a […]

The Only Cure From The Greatest Pandemic Ever

Weekly Insight - The Only Cure From The Greatest Pandemic Ever

There were numerous sorts of pandemics and plagues in human history. According to History.com, the earliest recorded pandemic occurred during the Peloponnesian War in 430 BC. But that is because they did not read Exodus 7-11 about the Ten Plagues that happened in 1446 BC and 1 Samuel 5 when the pandemic of hemorrhoids struck […]

How Did We Become Utterly Stubborn?

Daily Devotional - How Did We Become Utterly Stubborn

An arrogant and stubborn person is doing everything in his own way, does not listen to anyone’s advice and soon becomes a victim of his delusion. – Aesop I was called stubborn by my family when I was growing up. Hardheaded too. There was something in doing my own way that made me thought I […]

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