The Lord’s Prayer – Matthew 6:9-13 – Part 2

Bible Study - The Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6_9_13 - Part 2

Besides the Lord’s Prayer, there are hundreds of examples of prayer in the Bible. There are many people from different periods of Biblical history, in different circumstances, who prayed different prayers with different results. There are even examples of people who prayed to false gods. The first prayer recorded in the Bible occurred in Genesis […]

Align Your Steps With The Steps Of Jesus Christ

Daily Devotional - Align Your Spets With The Steps Of Jesus Christ

When you align yourself with God’s purpose as described in the Scriptures, something happens to your life.  – Bono Guess I have shared it with you all on the previous devotions that I thought I was a good person, a good friend, daughter, sister, and niece. But I was far from being correct. My steps […]

The Lord’s Prayer – Matthew 6:5-8 – Part 1

Bible Study - The Lord's Prayer - Matthew 6_5_8 - Part 1

In Matthew 6:5-8, the Lord gives the second admonishment to His disciples and, this time, regarding prayer. Earlier in the chapter, in Matthew 6:1, Jesus has already warned His followers to take heed not to do like those hypocrites when they do charitable deeds. In the previous Bible Study, we have learned that righteousness is the essence […]

How To Attain Righteousness In This Time?

Daily Devotional - How To Attain Righteousness In This Time

Good works are indispensable to salvation – not as its grounds or mean, however, but as its consequence and evidence. – John Stott I had believed for a long time that to get to heaven, one has to do good works. For instance, you have to be a good person, through being a good friend, […]

Giving of Alms – Matthew 6:1-4

Bible Study - Giving of Alms - Matthew 6_1_4

In the previous chapter, the Lord Jesus stated that He came not to destroy but fulfill the Law (Matthew 5:17). And, in Matthew 19:7-8, when Pharisees asked Jesus, why did Moses then command, He answered to them and said that Moses commanded because of the hardness of your hearts … but from the beginning, it was not so. While […]

The Righteous Or Wicked Way: Where Are You Heading?

Daily Devotional - The Righteous Or Wicked Way Where Are You Heading

Good people know about both good and evil: bad people do not know about either. C.S. Lewis Travelling is part of my current job. Usually, I transfer from one facility to the next to assist other nurses with tasks that need to be dealt with. Once, there was an instance on one of my journeys […]

An Exhausting Battle Awaits: Equip Yourself Now!

Daily Devotional - An Exhausting Battle Awaits Equip Yourself Now

By means of the Bible we are adequately equipped for everything required of us. Paul Washer, Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church (p.10) I love Bible stories when I was a kid, stories about Moses, Noah’s Ark, Jonah and the Giant Fish. But sad to say that I did not push through reading these stories […]

How To Train The Heart In Obedience

Daily Devotional - How To Train The Heart In Obedience

Hot heads and cold hearts never solved anything. Billy Graham At the age of five my parents assigned me into karate. A doctor cardiologist said to them, that it is good for my heart development. Nobody created a big debate over it. Instead, my father brought me to show how kids were doing karate, he […]

Attention, You have a good News for the World

Daily Devotional - Attention, You have a good News for the World

In the old times, news was everything. People who lived in the distanced villages were waiting for some random traveler to come and to share the breaking news from the far land. Nowadays, with all the connectivity through the World Wide Web and popularization of Social media people get closer to each other, despite thousands […]

Undeniable poetic masterpiece of the Creator

Daily Devotional - Undeniable poetic masterpiece of the Creator

God does not overlook sin. He cannot tolerate wilful transgression of His law. God’s moral standards is so perfect that He cannot ignore or condone evil deeds and thoughts of humanity. But God is Love. He understands the fallen nature of humanity and He wants to redeem His creation from ungodliness and unrighteousness. God wants […]

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