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Parable of the Sower
In the New Testament, parables are one of the means on how Jesus delivers His teachings to the people. Jesus compares God’s works in a way people can somewhat understand. But not all can comprehend it, we need the guidance of the Holy Spirit in order to receive what God wants us to know on the scriptures we are reading. Therefore, we should ask the Holy Spirit to guide us in our everyday scripture reading.
Every week we will dive in one chapter each from the Old and New Testament. We will study the scripture and reflect on the verse(s) that touched us the most. You may notice that I skip chapters, this is to provide you your personal time to read the other chapters during the week. Remember, reading the Bible is not just to memorize verses, it is most importantly to get to know God personally.


Genesis 33 / Mark 4

Brief Overview:

Genesis 33: The chapter is about Jacob makes peace with his brother Esau. The reconciliation between brothers happened when Jacob and his family were travelling to the city of Shechem. How the two brothers humbled themselves to each and asked for forgiveness and how they forgave each other.

Mark 4: Parables of the soils and lamp are stories about landing on good soils and bearing abundant fruits and lamp not hidden away but help up in a candlestick to shed light in comparison to the Gospel. When Christians spread the Gospel of Jesus (Light) it will bring forth more Christ followers (fruits). The two succeeding parables talked about how the kingdom of God grows. It is compared to a growing seed that men do not know how but only the earth knows when the seed will grow and bear fruit. Furthermore, the kingdom of God is like a mustard seed because even if it one of the smallest seed but when it grows it becomes one of the biggest trees. The chapter ended with the story of how Jesus calmed the sea, how the apostles were so frightened, how Jesus pointed to their little faith and the apostles where then amazed on who He is because even the sea and the wind obeyed Him.

Gen. 33:5 KJV “… And He said, The children which God hath graciously given thy servant.”
Mark 4:20 KJV “And these are thy which are sown on good ground; such on hear the word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit, some thirty-fold, some sixty, some an hundred.”

Looking now on your life, do you have everything you need? Often we think that what we have are not enough. Probably because people are never contented, there are always somethings that we want. God is the source of everything that we have, from the world we live in to the clothes we wear. He provides what we need and not what we think we need. Often times, His blessings are not always comprehended by our worldly minds. It is written in Romans 3:23-26 God gives us more than we deserve, and He rewards us with blessings despite our inequities (Psalms 103:10). Because of the many gifts we receive from God it is also fitting that we give gifts to others. The best gift that we can share to other people is the Good News about Jesus Christ. That He freely gave His life and died for our sins and saved us from wages of sin (Romans 6:23). There will be challenges for us when we share God’s words, but we should not be discouraged. We should persevere in proclaiming the Good News in any way and every way we can and God will do the rest.


Gracious Father, who art in heaven. We thank You for all that You have given us. We know Lord that we are mere humans and deserve not Your blessings, but because You love us You continue to provide for us. Most of all we are thankful for Jesus Christ dying on the cross for our sins. We repent from our sins (state your sins) and may the Holy Spirit descend on us and guide us as we serve You Lord. Amen.

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